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Five Frequent Root Causes of Sensitive Teeth

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Five Frequent Root Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are an annoyance. If you’re in agony when you open your mouth for anything, you might as well keep it closed until the discomfort subsides. Did you know that your dentist can usually fix the underlying issues that cause your teeth to be sensitive? Get relief from your tooth sensitivity by learning what triggers it for you.

Tooth sensitivity is a common reason people visit date bars. A healthy, pain-free smile may do wonders for your mental and physical well-being. In addition, we are revolutionizing the dental care industry. Our Manhattan boutique dental clinics are open late and on weekends, so patients experiencing tooth sensitivity may obtain the regular exams, cleanings, and general dentistry services they require. You may start immediately by visiting a nearby location or scheduling an appointment online.

Five Frequent Reasons for tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth may make simple tasks like eating, drinking, and brushing painful. These issues manifest as severe discomfort in and around the teeth and gums. A sensitive nerve, cavity, gum disease, or other issue may be blamed for such pain.

Tooth sensitivity might be induced by factors that aren’t immediately apparent, such as:

1. Clenching of Teeth

Teeth grinding can become a major problem when it comes to dental issues. At the dental bar, we have found that many of our patients who grind their teeth do not become aware of the problem until it has progressed to a severe stage. Common causes of teeth grinding include stress and nocturnal clenching. It would help if you discussed your suspicion of teeth grinding with your dentist. At the dental bar, we make personalized night guards to protect your teeth from grinding, which can lessen pain and preserve the enamel. Your dentist will help you weigh your alternatives and plan the next stages in your care with you.

2. Acidic Beverages and Foods

It’s possible that acidic beverages and meals are to blame for your teeth’s sensitivity. Over time, the acidity might wear away at your tooth enamel. The dentists at NYC’s Dental bar advised rinsing your mouth with water after eating anything acidic. Another recommendation from the dental bar is to clean your teeth and floss soon after eating.

3. Tooth-Bleaching Procedures

You may have sensitivity after a teeth whitening procedure, whether you do it at home or the dentist’s office. Those who have suffered sensitivity to bleaching treatments in the past would benefit greatly from Dental bar’s unique therapy. The fast whitening procedure is a customized service that is less abrasive on tooth enamel than traditional professional whitening methods. In-office whitening, when a dentist is present during the process, is an option beyond basic whitening. The clinical staff at the dental bar will also safeguard your gums by preventing sensitive areas from coming into contact with the substance.

4. Vigorous Brushing

Dentists agree that patients may dramatically improve their dental health by changing their brushing habits. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the gums during brushing. Your dentist may be able to offer a particular product to alleviate the sensitivity if you suspect you have an exposed nerve.

5. A Tooth that is Broken

Sensitivity can also result from teeth that have been cracked. If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, you should visit your dentist for an examination, as most cracks are not readily apparent to the human eye. Cracks, chips, and wisdom teeth are just some emergencies that may be treated with same-day appointments at Dental bar.

Biting on anything really hard, such as an ice cube or a popcorn particle, is a common cause of dental crises, which our clinical staff has seen many times. Cracked teeth typically result in discomfort upon biting pressure, chewing, and sensitivity to hot and cold.

Dental Bar Relief for Sensitive Teeth

During a lifetime, most people will experience some degree of sensitivity. Don’t wait to see your dental bar dentist if the sensitivity worsens or persists.

Experience what it’s like to be the focus of your dentist’s attention. With locations across the Big Apple, finding a meeting time that works for you should be easy. Appointments for your required services are available late at night and on weekends.

In addition, when you visit, you may make use of the following for your convenience:

  • Minimal waiting times
  • Video-on-demand platforms, such as Netflix
  • Furniture with massage mechanisms
  • Soft, warm blankets.
  • Scented bath towels

So, why are you stalling? Learn what it’s like to be the focus of your dental treatment by visiting a practice that treats patients like they matter. Look for a nearby location or schedule an appointment right away.

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